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"Shortly after you and I started working together, I noticed two things: I felt more confident and I started to get more looks from strangers.

In fact, for the first time in my adult life, a woman turned around to look at me after she had walked by!"
— Jonathan G.

Meet Carol

I’ve been a fashion designer and a stylist for over two decades. 

I'm now a men's style coach I can tell you that nothing looks more handsome and masculine than the time-tested essentials. Trends will always come and go, but the essentials endure. It’s their timeless quality that makes them masculine.

Your clothes represent you. They speak about who you are as a person. Developing your own personal style, where what you wear not only feels fantastic, but also accurately reflects your taste and personality, heightens self-confidence. 


In the interview below, I share my candid thoughts and attitudes on men’s style. If my perspective resonates with you, and you want to leverage the power of your personal style to reinvent yourself, I look forward to working with you. 

Who are your clients? 

Men who have experience. They’ve been through a life transition such as a divorce, and they’ve emerged stronger and determined to start again and better this time.

They're not interested in fashion, but they get it - I don't have to convince them that appearance matters for dating and career.

When a man comes to me he’s ready for a change. And he’s already taken action to improve himself. He’s been hitting the gym, losing weight and improving his conversation skills. His style upgrade is part of his ongoing commitment to reinvention.

What do these men want?

They want to express themselves as a new man, especially for their social life — but they feel stuck in their existing clothes. Maybe their ex-wife picked their clothes, or maybe they’ve just never branched out from their "safe" style. They're ready to move on from that and want to dress in clothes that represent their future, not their past.

The men I work with want to look and feel natural in their clothes, never forced. And of course, they want to actually like their clothes so they can feel at ease wearing them.

And on a more practical level, men want to be present on dates and have great conversations without the distracting feeling that his clothes aren’t up for the moment.

Does a man's style really matter to women?

Definitely. Your style is the biggest dial-mover in shaping how you're perceived, especially on first impressions. It's not a linear shift; it's exponential. 

Every woman wants to feel special when taken out. Imagine she's in heels, ready for a great time, and you arrive in a hoodie and dirty shoes. It's a mismatch. She's looking for your style to align with hers. No one wants that awkward moment where she's embarrassed by your choice of clothes. So what you need is a strong set of masculine outfits ready to go when you need it. 

What’s your main message?

Getting your style together doesn’t have to be complicated. The menswear info landscape on YouTube and online magazines is fragmented and crowded. Lots of voices. Lots of info spanning the the full spectrum of styles, but there's not much clarity for real guys who want to take control of their style.

Most guys don’t need bow ties & tuxedos and they don’t need to learn how to dress like Thomas Shelby. That’s all fine, but it’s so niche. The question is, What is going to make a difference in your life? You have a dinner date Saturday night. What are you going to wear? You need specific actionable guidance. 

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"Everything I bought was perfect

and I felt super confident

when going on my dates."

— Joshua H.

You say that man should learn to “Nail the Basics.” What do you mean? 

Most guys don’t actually have a full set of essential pieces. They might have a few good pieces, but they pair them with items that don't work, which dilutes his appearance. 

Men look best in solid neutrals. Extravagant style sends an attention-seeking signal. And you only really need about 15 versatile pieces and rotate through them. Simple style can get a guy sooo far. In fact, some of my clients wear nothing but the essentials because they cover you for work, social life, and for hanging out on the weekend. 

So “Nail the Basics” means: get the right essential pieces and get them right: good fit, the right colors and fabrics. 

Nail the Basics:

Master Simple Style from Everyday Casual, Smart Casual and Evening Sharp

How is it different working with men? 

You have to work with the way men think about clothes and dressing. You can’t work against it. Unlike women, men don’t want dozens and dozens of pieces to experiment with. They’re not going to try different combinations in the mirror until they find the perfect outfit. In fact, few of my clients have even owned a full-length mirror before working with me. That always blows me away about men — how can you leave the house not knowing how you look?! But it tells you something very fundamental about how men operate: they don’t want to waste time fussing around in the mirror. 

The other thing is men want to de-clutter — both in the physical and the mental sense. They want to be freed up to deal with whatever might be coming next. So you give them outfit combinations that they don’t have to think about. They’ve got bigger things on their mind and problems to solve. You have to keep it simple and give them versatile combinations that just work already. 

How is your approach different from a typical stylist's?

I give men permission to dress like a man. I'll steer you away from pieces that seem "safe" but actually weaken your appearance. You don't have to wear things that other guys are wearing like tan chinos and a zip fleece. A man has got to look like a man and most men want to. So we eliminate pieces that aren't working and replace them with items that give you a masculine presence.

I don't care if a particular look or cut is "in" at the moment, if it's not masculine I'll never suggest it to my clients.

With me, it's more than selecting clothes. My goal is to coach you so that you develop the eye to know what pieces work for you so you can put handsome outfits together into your future.

How does clothing affect confidence? 

I’m not a psychologist so I can’t dive into the deep how's and why's of the connection between wearing clothes you feel good in and how self-assured you feel. But I can tell you, it really does make a difference. I've seen it time and again with my clients—it's like a simple, but powerful life hack. And it’s available to every man. It’s not some secret reserved for certain men. 

How much does confidence really matter? 

Ask any single guy who want to find someone special! I talk to single guys every day as part of my work as an advisor to a top dating coach. When you start to get doubts in your head, they can spiral in the wrong direction and it affects performance. Confidence works in the same exponential way but in the opposite direction. It can build and when you start to get good results they compound. 

Think of it this way: Success in dating often hinges on pivotal moments, such as the first glance, or the first impression, or the first date. In these key moments, exuding confidence can make all the difference. Because when you show up with more confidence you’re more effective: you take smart risks instead of backing down from them. Your words come out smoothly, your body language becomes more attractive. Everything just falls into place naturally. 

What is “Masculine Essentials”?

More than anything, Masculine Essentials gives you a strategy to maximize your appearance with fewer pieces and without having to think about what to wear. 

A man is not going to go out and buy three dozen items of clothing over the course of a year. Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t even want to. All he needs are clothes that will work hard for him, meaning that each item can be used in multiple outfits. And then he just needs to understand how he can easily slide from casual to sharp by making small changes within the framework such as swapping out the footwear and shirt. You don’t have to go with a totally different kind of outfit. Think of it as variations on a theme, a time-tested masculine theme. 

What’s included in Masculine Essentials? 

the online style guide is not the A-Z encyclopedia of men's style and it's not the exhaustive history of men's style. It's the opposite. The point of the guide is to cut though the noise and just give you the focused, relevant info for your dates.

It’s economical and efficient. It saves you hassle and time and it frees up mental space. And all my content is available on your phone, so you can access it when out shopping.

The Style Guide includes:

  • My Look Book with 40 outfit images you can choose from to target
  • A deep dive on each of the three levels of date-ready looks so you can visually connect what kinds of outfits are suitable for common date types
  • Breakdown of each outfit showing you the options for pieces you can wear for each level
  • My Recommended Retailers Guide with 26 shops and brands
  • Over 70 shopping links to specific pieces. 
  • My guide for what not to wear
  • Garment details for all recommended pieces and accessories
  • Shopping game plan, with shopping lists & how to plan your budget
  • A section with 40 style tips and another with 30 shopping tips
  • Four Bonuses including a gym outfit

Men don’t love shopping. How do you deal with this?

They don’t love shopping because it’s option-overload out there: so many styles, so many stores. I think it's more accurate to say that men dislike aimless shopping. They need a game plan so they know what specific pieces they're after and what criteria to look for in each item and why.

Once my clients have a game plan laying out what to buy and where, they actually can’t wait to go out and buy them.

How do you make it easy for your clients to buy pieces and put outfits together?

First, I provide a Look Book in the program. This is a collection of numbered photos of 40 outfits from casual to sharp. These are organized into three levels of formality. I give my clients this Look Book because it's easier to recognize a look that will work for you than to visualize it from scratch. So it gives you a target to aim for.

You'll also get direct shopping links to specific pieces at different prices so you can buy online.

I give step by step guidance on how and where to buy your new items. My Recommend Retailers Guide simplifies your buying trips so you save time.

How does the personalization work?

For a man to love what he’s wearing he has to feel that he played a part in choosing it. There has to be some ownership there, otherwise, psychologically it’s like his wife or mother selecting his clothes. Hard to feel cool in clothes your mom picked out. 

As a designer and stylist, more than anything you develop an aesthetic sense for what works for different body types and personalities. There’s no prescribed formula, one-size-fits all approach.

So every recommended piece in Masculine Essentials has options and alternatives so you can dial in your look to suit your taste: color, fabric/ texture and design details.

Do you recommend trendy, 'fashion-forward' looks?

I'm not interested in the latest Hypebeast oversize streetwear trends. Neither are my clients. The cutting edge of fashion is a fast moving world that appeals to younger generation and the PR machine that enjoys riding the wave of constant and extreme change.

I don't have any clients under 25. I strongly prefer time-tested, masculine looks for real-life scenarios. This means we’re not recommending experimental designer pieces, or goofy Gen-Z styles like clunky shoes and cropped jackets. What you'll get from me is just straightforward guidance for mastering attractive and confident date-ready looks. 

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"Ms. Danis was instrumental in upgrading my confidence. What you wear on the outside eventually causes your internal state to align with your external reality."
— Uibin K.

Does a guy have to have “model looks” to take your program? 

Definitely not. Mother Nature designed men for function — to build things and get things done, not to be pretty. 

The truth is that your personal style is the biggest dial-mover in shaping how you're perceived. So, it doesn’t matter how much hair you have, your height or body mass index, or your handsomeness — any man looks a thousand times better in clothes that look good. I tell my clients, if you have any hang-ups about your physical attributes, just let it all go. What really tells women the most about you is what you do with the things that are actually under your control. 

Isn’t Masculine Essentials Expensive? 

Instead I'd ask, What's the value of putting yourself in the best possible position to make the most meaningful connections your life? And what's the cost of inaction? How long do you want to wait before you use the power of personal style to get better social outcomes?

Getting your style together on your own can take years with many expensive mistakes along the way, including buying pieces that you never actually wear of pieces that don't feel natural. It can be a steep learning curve.

Masculine Essentials a fraction of the cost of working with me as a private client. But here's the thing: most of my private clients just need to build a wardrobe of the essentials! So with Masculine Essentials, you’re getting the same recommended pieces, the same guidance and the same links that I provide for my private clients, but for far less.

Masculine Essentials is for men who want to invest in themselves and their future and are ready to take control of their style to become a better version of themselves.

How long does it take to get results?

I've had one client who went out and bought three shirts, two pairs of pants and a jacket in a single trip to the shops. They all looked great.

I had another who got the number of the woman at the store. He was in a great mood because he liked what he was wearing. Positive vibes have a way of rubbing off. They knock-off effects.

People often procrastinate when they lack clarity on the next step or are uncertain about the outcome. So they put off dealing with the discomfort. This is definitely the case for men who, unsure of what to buy or how it will turn out, put off building a foundation wardrobe.

But when you have a clear path set out, you go out and get after it.

Before & After Style Upgrades

What My Clients Are Saying

Ms. Danis was instrumental in upgrading my confidence. What you wear on the outside eventually causes your internal state to align with your external reality. I've learned so much that changing the way you view yourself through external change can significantly boost your self esteem. I cannot recommend Ms. Danis's program enough. 

Thank you,

— Uibin K.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the large part you have played in my transformation. Admittedly, I used to be fairly naive about clothing in general and what went well with what. But shortly after you and I started working together and I added several pieces to my everyday wardrobe, I noticed two things: I felt more confident and I started to get more looks from strangers. In fact, for the first time in my adult life, a woman turned around to look at me after she had walked by. I was wearing a new watch, sport coat, shirt, slacks and shoes you helped me pick out. The previous version of me would have been wearing a pair of jeans, an old shirt and running sneakers as well as a plain old Apple watch.

I am eternally grateful to you for your help.

— Jonathan G.

Working with Carol has truly transformed my social life. In the past, I hesitated to attend certain events because I never felt I had the right clothes. Even when I did show up, I was often self-conscious and not fully present. Carol's guidance has freed me up to be more social and engaged in conversations. And because I’m more into it, others are more responsive and this all leads to more meaningful connections. 

What surprised me most was the impact on my confidence. I never realized how much a well-put-together outfit could boost self-esteem. I feel better and carry myself better. I’ve even caught women taking glances my way - an unexpected perk! 

The best part is that Carol didn't try to turn me into a runway model or overwhelm me with the latest trends. Instead, we built realistic outfits for both my professional and casual life. Her system takes the pain and hassle out of buying clothes. I’ll work with her again for Spring! 

Thanks, Carol!

— Adam H.

Carol is focused and attentive with her style consultation. I was very pleased with getting prepared in a short amount of time, before my dates. This has helped greatly with first impressions and expanded my opportunities. This includes getting numbers, follow up multiple dates, and great romantic experiences with decent, quality women. I would recommend her style services in navigating today’s dating atmosphere.

Thank you,

— CG

Working with Carol was super easy. Communication was great and my shopping experience was a breeze knowing that Carol was right there with me. Everything I bought was perfect and felt super confident when going on my dates. I wasn’t focused if I was dressed appropriately. I could really be present with my date. Carol saved me time, effort and money. Especially not liking shopping and not knowing where to go. I would highly recommend her style services!


— Joshua H.

A Personal Note From Carol

Every day, I hear the same question:
"Carol, where can I meet women?"
The truth is, women are everywhere – at the gym, the coffee shop, the dog park, the grocery store. But the real question is, are you prepared for that moment of inspiration?
Will you know what to say to break the ice? And what about your clothes? What message are they sending when it truly counts? If you're unsure, you might be letting opportunities slip away and leaving potential untapped.
I designed this program to ensure you're always dressed to seize opportunities, whether you're running errands or out for a cocktail date.
Let's work together to take control of your style. Enhance your attractiveness, make new connections with confidence, and present your best self. Be ready for the opportunities that come your way.
To your success,


Get personalized guidance, outfit feedback and personalized recommendations plus my detailed online style guides.

Monthly Membership Level 1 — $97 USD/mo.

  • One Group Zoom Call/ mo.
  • Online style primer

Monthly Membership Level 2 — $397 USD/mo.

  • Biweekly Group calls
  • Email support
  • Select from my Masculine Essentials Look Book
  • Comprehensive Online Style Guide (garment & fit details)
  • 7 Bonuses

Signature Style Package — $2,497 one-time payment

  • Weekly Group calls
  • Video message answer
  • Email support
  • Access to Masculine Essentials Look Book & Advanced Look Book
  • Comprehensive Online Style Guide (garment & fit details)
  • 7 Bonuses

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